Wardens at ICT Hostels

Head Warden and Warden  : Dr. P.D. Vaidya

Dr. P.D. Vaidya

Head Warden and Warden

Tel.: 91-22-3361 2014
Email: pd.vaidya@ictmumbai.edu.in

Hostel No.5
Warden,   Dr. A. Vijaykumar

Warden, Dr. A. Vijaykumar

Tel.: 91-22-3361 2614
Email: v.kumar@ictmumbai.edu.in

Hostel No.1
Warden,   Mrs. Madhavi Wadkar

Warden, Mrs. Madhavi Wadkar

Tel.: 91-22-3361 1126
Email: mm.wadkar@ictmumbai.edu.in

Hostel No.2

Dr. J. T. Waghmare

Assistant Professor

Tel.: 91-22-3361 2559
Email: jt.waghmare@ictmumbai.edu.in

Hostel No.3