Animal House

ICT inaugurated Animal House facilities at the hands of Padma Vibhushan Prof. M.M.Sharma on 7 th May 2016. (Registration no: 87/1999/CPCSEA dated 28 th April, 1999, Govt. of India.) For the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) Committee is in place as per the requirement.

The animal house has an area of about 1500 Ft 2 fitted with a Highly Ventilated Air Conditioning system (HVAC) to provide clean air and lighting arrangement to mimic day night cycles. The animal house is equipped to handle small animals from mice, rats, guinea pigs to rabbits. Animals are housed in cages as per the CPCSEA norms in separate rooms for each animal type, with a dedicated quarantine area and a separate area for experimentation. All requisite facilities prescribed by CPSCEA are provided to ensure the health of the animals.

The animal house caters to requirements of projects assigned to students for the Masters and PhD degrees. Support is provided to other academic institutes. Sponsored projects from industry are also successfully handled.

The animal house can cater to the following:

  • Pharmacological screening of APIs, Phytopharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals for various biological activities.
  • Evaluation of Formulations and Drug delivery systems for PK, biodistribution and PD.
  • Toxicity evaluation as per OECD guidelines.
  • PK- PD evaluation.
  • Other customized activities are also undertaken.
  • We also provide support to Pharmaceutical industry and academic institutes globally for PK- PD correlation, bio-distribution, metabolic interaction and Toxicity studies as per National and International guidelines.