Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Prof. B. M. Bhanage

Professor- Head

Department : Chemistry

Date of Joining :31/12/2003


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Office Extention : 2601

Research Area : • Homogeneous catalysis, Reaction kinetics and mechanism
• Preparation and Characterization of organometallic complexes
• Catalyst-product separation techniques in homogeneous catalysis such as biphasic catalysis, Supported liquid phase catalysis
• Ultrasound assisted organic reactions and catalysis
• C-C, C-N coupling reaction for organic synthesis.
• Microwave assisted organic reactions and catalysis
• Preparation and application of ionic liquids for organic synthesis
• Catalysis and reactions in supercritical carbon dioxide
• Carbon dioxide fixation into valuable chemicals
• Carbon mono-oxide fixation into valuable chemicals
• Hydroformylation for the synthesis of fine chemicals
• Polycarbonate synthesis via organometallic complexes
• Heterogeneous catalysis
• Biocatalysis - study of the behavior of hydrolases in organic solvents and neoteric solvents like ionic liquids, supercritical carbon dioxide.
• Synthesis of nanomaterials, exploration of nanomaterials as catalysts for organic synthesis.
• Green chemistry- Development of environmentally benign synthetic procedures for organic synthesis.
• Hydrogenation reactions for organic synthesis.
• Asymmetric catalysis for organic synthesis.
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Academic Information
Degree/Diploma Description year subject
1 Ph.D.   Ph.D. (1996): University of Pune at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India. 1996
2 M.Sc.   M.Sc. (1988): Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, India. 1988

Courses Taught : B.Chem. Eng./Tech: Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
M.Tech (Green Tech.):Catalytic Science and Technology, Green Chemistry
M.Sc. (Chemistry):Organometallic Chemistry

Project Information
1 Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB). Studies in asymmetric catalysis for synthesis of enantiomeri¬cally pure amines and alcohols.      2015      
2 Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Enzyme immobilization and its application in supercritical carbon dioxide for synthesis of valuable compounds      2015      
3 Department of Science and Technology (DST-Nano Mission). Study of catalytic activity of nanosize metals and metal oxides prepared by novel or conventional routes.      2015      
4 Department of Science and Technology Development of CO and H2 insertion reactions using metal ion immbolized ionic liquid catalyst      2014      
5 Dept. of Atomic energy (DAE)-ICT Centre Development of metalloorganic precursors for CVD applications      2013      

Paper Published
1 TITLE : A rapid, one pot microwave assisted synthesis of nanosize cuprous oxide
AUTHOR : M. A. Bhosale, K. D. Bhatte, B. M. Bhanage      2013      
2 TITLE : Enzymatic activity studies of Pseudomonas cepacia lipase adsorbed onto copolymer supports containing ß-cyclodextrin
AUTHOR : K. P. Dhake, A. H. Karoyo, M. H. Mohamed, L.D. Wilson, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
3 TITLE : Immobilized palladium metal containing ionic liquid catalyzed alkoxycarbonylation, phenoxycarbonylation and aminocarbonylation reactions
AUTHOR : M.V. Khedkar, T. Sasaki, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
4 TITLE : Synthesis of cobalt oxide nanowires using glycerol thermal route
AUTHOR : K.D.Bhatte, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
5 TITLE : Lipase: A potential biocatalyst for the synthesis of valuable flavour and fragrance ester compounds
AUTHOR : K. P. Dhake, D.D. Thakare, B. M. Bhanage      2013      
6 TITLE : Metal-free synthesis of 2-aminobenzoxazoles using hypervalent iodine reagent
AUTHOR : Y.S. Wagh, N.J. Tiwari, B. M. Bhanage      2013      
7 TITLE : Brønsted acidic ionic liquid as an efficient and reusable catalyst for synthesis of pyrazoles and ß-enaminones
AUTHOR : Z.S. Qureshi, N.V. Dwivedi, Y. S. Wagh, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
8 TITLE : Experimental and theoretical investigations of consequence of ionic liquid anion on copper (I) catalyzed reaction of aryl iodide and thiols
AUTHOR : K.D. Deshmukh, R.S. Madyal, Z.S. Qureshi,V.G. Gaikar, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
9 TTILE :Efficient, recyclable and phosphine-free carbonylative Suzuki coupling reaction using immobilized palladium ion-containing ionic liquid: Synthesis of aryl ketones and heteroaryl ketones AUTHOR : M. V. Khedkar, T. Sasaki, B. M. Bhanage      2013      
10 TITLE : Rhodium catalyzed cyanide-free cyanation of aryl halide by using formamide as a cyanide source
AUTHOR :A. B. Khemnar, D. N. Sawant, B. M. Bhanage      2013      
11 TITLE : Novel and green approach for the nanocrystalline magnesium oxide synthesis and its catalytic performance in Claisen-Schmidt condensation
AUTHOR : A.B. Patil, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
12 TITLE : Selective hydroformylation of various olefins using diphosphinite ligands
AUTHOR : S.R. Khan, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
13 TITLE : Solar energy assisted starch-stabilized PdNPs and their application in C-C coupling reactions
AUTHOR : A.B. Patil, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
14 TITLE : Synthesis of a,ß-alkynyl esters and unsymmetrical maleate esters catalyzed by Pd/C: An efficient phosphine-free catalytic cystem for oxidative alkoxycarbonylation of terminal alkynes
AUTHOR: S.T. Gadge, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
15 TITLE : Synthesis of isoindole-1,3-dinones by palladium-catalyzed carbonylative cyclization of o-bromobenzoic acid and primary amines
AUTHOR : M.V. Khedkar, B.M. Bhanage      2013      
16 TITLE :Ionic liquid [NMP]+HSO4- : An efficient and recyclable catalyst for the synthesis of 1- amidoalkyl-2-naphthols and 1-carbamatoalkyl-2- naphthols under solvent free conditions
AUTHORS : K. M. Deshmukh, Z. S. Qureshi, Y. P. Patil, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
17 TITLE :Pd(OAc)2 catalyzed carbonylative coupling of aryl iodide with ortho-haloamines in water
AUTHORS :P.J. Tambade, Y. P. Patil, Z.S. Qureshi, K.P. Dhake, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
18 TITLEPS-Pd-NHC: An efficient and heterogeneous recyclable catalyst for direct reductive amination of carbonyl compounds with primary/secondary amines in aqueous medium
AUTHORSD.B. Bagal, Z.S. Qureshi, K.P. Dhake, S.R. Khan,B.M. Bhanage      2012      
19 TITLE Direct allylic amination of allylic alcohols with aromatic/aliphatic amines using Pd/TPPTS as an aqueous phase recyclable catalyst
AUTHORSY. S. Wagh, D. N. Sawant, K. P. Dhake, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
20 TITLEEfficient synthesis of cyclic carbonate from carbon dioxide using polymer anchored diol functionalized ionic liquids as a highly active heterogeneous catalyst
AUTHORS R. A Watile, K. M Deshmukh, K. P Dhake, B. M. Bhanage      2012      
21 TITLEInvestigation of steapsin lipase for kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols and synthesis of valuable acetates in non-aqueous reaction medium
AUTHORS K. P. Dhake, K. M. Deshmukh, Y. S. Wagh, R. S. Singhal, B. M. Bhanage      2012      
22 TITLE Formylation and acetylation of alcohols using Amberlyst-15® as a recyclable heterogeneous catalyst
AUTHORS A. Singh, B.M. Bhanage, J.M. Nagarkar      2012      
23 TITLE : Synthesis of powdered silver nanoparticles using hydrogen in aqueous medium
AUTHOR :K. D. Bhatte, K. M. Deshmukh, Y. P.Patil, S. Fujita, M. Arai, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
24 TITLE : Additive free microwave assisted synthesis of nanocrystalline Mg(OH)2 and MgO
AUTHOR : K.D. Bhatte, D.N. Sawant,K.M. Deshmukh, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
25 TITLE : A rapid, one step microwave assisted synthesis of nanosize zinc oxide
AUTHOR :K. D. Bhatte, D.N. Sawant, K. M. Deshmukh, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
26 TITLE : One-pot green synthesis of nano sized zinc oxide by sonochemical method
AUTHOR : K.D. Bhatte, D.N.Sawant, D. V. Pinjari, A.B. Pandit, B.M.Bhanage      2012      
27 TITLE :Solar energy assisted palladium nanoparticles synthesis in aqueous medium
AUTHOR : B. Patil, S. R. Lanke, K. M. Deshmukh, A.B. Pandit, B.M.Bhanage      2012      
28 TITLE : ZnO nanoparticle by solar energy and their catalytic application for a-amino phosphonates synthesis
AUTHOR : A.B. Patil, D.S. Patil, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
29 TITTLE : Metal-free N-iodosuccinimide-catalyzed mild oxidative C-H bond amination of benzoxazoles
AUTHOR : Y.S. Wagh, D.N. Sawant, B. M. Bhanage      2012      
30 TITLE : Oxidative aminocarbonylation of terminal alkynes for the synthesis of alk-2-ynamides by using palladium-on carbon as efficient, heterogeneous, phosphine-free, and reusable catalyst, (Work highlighted in Synfacts, 8, 1152, 2012.)
AUTHOR : S.T. Gadge, M.V. Khedkar, S.R. Lanke, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
31 TITLE : Carbonylative cyclization of o-halobenzoic acids for synthesis of N-substituted phthalimides, using polymer supported Palladium N-heterocyclic carbene as efficient, heterogeneous and reusable catalyst (Work highlighted in Synfacts, 8, 1270, 2012.)
AUTHOR : M. V. Khedkar, S. R. Khan, B. M. Bhanage      2012      
32 TITLE :Chitosan biohydrogel beads: A recyclable, biodegradable, heterogeneous catalyst for the regioselective synthesis of 5-aryl-2-oxazolidinones from carbon dioxide and aziridines at ambient conditions (invited article for a special issue)
AUTHOR : R.A. Watile, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
33 TITLE : Selective and efficient synthesis of decahedral palladium nanoparticles and its catalytic performance for Suzuki coupling reaction
AUTHOR : A.B. Patil, D.S. Patil, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
34 TITLE : Cu(acac)2 catalyzed oxidative C-H bond amination of azoles with amines under base-free conditions
AUTHOR : Y.S. Wagh, B. M. Bhanage      2012      
35 TITLE : Immobilization of steapsin lipase on macroporous Immobead-350 for biodiesel production using sunflower oil in solvent free system
AUTHOR : K. P. Dhake, K.D. Bhatte, Y. S. Wagh, R. S. Singhal, B. M. Bhanage      2012      
36 TITLE : Hydroarylation of arenes with styrenes using Montmorillonite K-10 as an efficient, selective and recyclable catalyst
AUTHOR : S.R. Lanke, Z.S. Qureshi, A.B. Patil, D.S. Patil, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
37 TITLE : Aminocarbonylation of aryl iodides with primary and secondary amines in aqueous medium using polymer supported palladium-N-heterocyclic carbene complex as an efficient and heterogeneous recyclable catalyst
AUTHOR : Z.S. Qureshi, S.R. Revankar, M.V. Khedkar, B.M. Bhanage      2012      
1 An efficient enzyme catalyzed methodology for synthesis of levulinate esters using lipase and supercritical carbon dioxide as a green biocatalyst and solvent    2019        
2 An improved method for benzimidazole synthesis from 2-haloaniline, dihalomethane and sodium azide in presence of copper complex catalyst    2018        
3 Solar energy assisted synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles    2016        
4 Improved process for nitration of phenol using diluted nitric acid alone as the nitrating agent under sonication    2007        
5 An improved process for the sulfonation of aromatic compounds using sulfuric acid under sonication    2008        
6 Improved process for nitration of phenol and substituted phenols using phase transfer catalyst under sonication    2010        
7 Process for low temperature recyclable catalyst for heck reaction    2009        
8 Process for preparing metal complexes of 1,3-diketonates using ultrasound    2009        
9 Process for the preparation of 1,4-butanediols    2007        
10 An efficient and greener enzyme catalyzed methodology for the synthesis of 2-propeneoic -3-phenyl-alkyl compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide media    2015        
11 A greener and efficient bio-catalytic methodology for the synthesis of benzoate compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide    2015        
12 Novel amino acid-zinc hydroxide hybrid nanomaterials and process of preparation thereof    2015        
13 Solar energy assisted synthesis of zinc oxide nanoflowers    2015        
14 Method for magnesium oxide nanoparticles synthesis using solar energy    2011        
15 Method for zinc oxide nanoparticles synthesis using solar energy    2011        
16 Method for the synthesis of palladium nanoparticles using solar energy    2011        
17 Improved process for the electrochemical synthesis of palladium nanoparticles in ionic liquid as an electrolyte    2011        
18 Copper as a catalyst for the carbonylative sonogashira coupling reaction of aromatic/aliphatic alkynes with aryl halides    2008        
19 Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions Catalyzed By Metal-1,3-Diketonate Complexes    2008        

Membership In Professional Societies
Description No Membership No Membership Information
1 - - Hon. Secretary, Catalysis Society of India (Mumbai Chapter)
2 - - Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Indian Patent Office
3 - - Resource Person, Maharashtra Public Service Commission
4 - - Fellow, Maharashtra Academy of Sciences
5 - - • Life Member : • UDCT Alumini Association • Chemistry Teachers Association • Marathi Vidnyan Parishad • Catalysis Society of India • Chemical Research Society of India • Society of Materials Chemistr
6 - - Biography covered in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, 75th Edition, 2008, also in 2012
7 - - Member: Catalysis Science & Technology (RSC Journal) Editorial Advisory Board
8 - - The Open Acoustics Journal since 2007
9 - - The Open Catalysis Journal, since 2008
10 - - Member : Bureau of Indian Standards Precious Metals Sectional Committee
11 - - Member : Board of Studies in Chemistry, B.A.M. University, Aurangabad
12 - - Member M.Sc. Syllabus Committee of University of Mumbai, University of Pune
13 - - UGC Nominee, UGCSAP- DRS-I, Department of Chemistry, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat