Ph.D.(Tech.), B. Tech. (Chem.)

Professor, UGC Research Scientist, “C” (Professor’s Grade) J. C. Bose National Fellow (DST, Govt. of India)


Physical and Chemical Processing applications of Cavitation phenomena, Sonochemistry, Ballast Water Treatment, Mixing in Mechanically agitated contactors: Experimental and CFD Investigations, Modeling of Stoves, Use of non-conventional energy sources, Synthesis of Nanomaterials Biotechnology: Protein modifi cation, Cell disruption and Microbial fuel cell.

Aniruddha B. Pandit

Aniruddha B. Pandit was born on 7th December 1957 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He earned his B. Tech (Chem) degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Banaras Hindu University in 1980 and earned his Ph.D. (Tech) degree from University Department of Chemical Technology (now ICT), in1984. From 1984 till 1990 he worked in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom as a Research Assistant & then as a Research Associate with Prof. J. F. Davidson, working in the area of bubble break-up and design of multiphase reactors. He developed many novel designs of gas-liquid contactors and also developed new impeller designs.

ACADEMIC & RESEARCH CONTRIBUTIONS: After returning to India in 1990, he joined ICT as a UGC Research Scientist ‘B’ and was subsequently promoted to Scientist ‘C’ (Professor’s Grade) in 1996. He was instrumental in starting a major activity & program in the area of Hydrodynamic Cavitation for intensification of physical and chemical processing applications. He has successfully exploited the cavitation phenomena for a variety of operations such as crystallization, emulsification, nano-particle synthesis and processes such as esterification, oxidation etc on industrial scale. He has been an active industrial consultant for many large size national and international companies.

A unique creative approach of using fundamental knowledge, coupled with simple, elegant experiments has resulted into novel cavitational reactors. Prof. Pandit has authored over 370 publications, 5 books and over 12 chapters (with over 22000

Subjects Taught: Environmental Engineering and pollution control Chemical Project Economics, Design of Multiphase Reactors

Recognized Research guide for Ph.D. (Tech.) in Chemical Engineering, Bioprocess Technology, Green Technology, Ph.D. (Science) in Chemistry

Guided students: Ph.D. : 50, Masters : 68

Total Research Publications : 360 National/International : Total Publications: 338, Citations: 10978, H-Index: 56

Patents (granted in last 5 years): 16

National And International Awards: Indian National Academy of Science (INSA), Best Teacher Award, 2012; Sir J. C. Bose Fellow of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, 2015; Vishwakarma Medal, Indian National Academy of Science (INSA), 2015; Fellow The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), 2015


  • ISTE National award for outstanding research, 1995
  • Prof. R.A. Rajadyaksha Best Teacher award, on 15 occasions in the past 20 years
  • VASVIK award, 1996
  • Fellow, Maharashtra Academy of Science 1997
  • IIChE - Herdilia award for excellence in basic research, 2001
  • Distinguished Alumnus award, Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University, 2004
  • Distinguished Alumnus award, UICT, 2008
  • INSA, Best Teacher award, 2012
  • Vishwakarma Medal of Indian National Science Academy 2015
  • Fellowships of, Maharashtra Academy of Sciences, 2000
  • Indian National Academy of Engineering, 2006, Indian Academy of Sciences, 2008
  • Indian National Science Academy, 2009
  • National Academy of Sciences in India, 2009
  • Fellow of TWAS 2015

citations)and has 15 patents & is on the Editorial board of five International Scientific Journals. He has guided 48 PhD’s and 88 master’s students so far.

OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS : In addition to his research contribution, Prof. Pandit has contributed to innovation in teaching, at graduate and undergraduate levels, demonstration experiments for elaborating the physical principles of many chemical engineering operations. He is actively involved in working with committees in the area of harnessing solar energy & with tribal population in extending the chemical engineering principles for drying of farm/ forest product & water disinfection for potable water. He is a president of a NGO named Land Research Institute dealing with the Energy and Town planning sector.

Administrative Contributions: Prof. Pandit has taken over the charge as Vice Chancellor of Institute of Chemical Technology on November 29, 2019. Prior to this, he has acted as a Dean in his capacity of Human Resource and earlier as Dean of Research Consultancy and research Mobilization. He has been the coordinator of ICT-DAE center for Chemical Engineering Education and Research since its inception in 2008. He is on the editorial board on 5 international journals and is an associated editor of Ultrasonic Sonochemistry. He has successfully guided and completed international science collaborations with Universities from France, Australia and The Netherlands. He is also on the project appraisal and evaluation committees of the DST and UGC, Govt of India. He is currently serving as a member of the BOG of the IIT Bombay. He has been an active industrial consultant to many national and international industries.