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Current Admission
27/Oct/2014Eligible candiates for PhD(Tech) in Food & Food Biotech.and PhD(Sci) in Food Sci.(Admi.14-15)
17/Oct/2014Interview for Dept of Food Engg & Tech for PhD Tech & Sci for various branches (Admi.14-15)
16/Oct/2014List of Eligible candidates for Ph.D. (Sci.) in Biotechnology (Admission 2014-15)
16/Oct/2014List of Eligible candidates for Ph.D.(Sci.) in Biochemistry (Admission 2014-15)
14/Oct/2014List of Eligible candidates for Ph.D.(Tech.) in Green Technology (Admission 2014-15)
14/Oct/2014Interview for Ph.D.(Sci.) in Mathematics(Admission 2014-15)
10/Oct/2014Interview for Ph.D.(Sci.) in Chemistry (Admission 2014-15)
02/Sep/2014Eligible Candidates for Ph.D. (Tech.) & Integrated Ph.D. (Tech.) in BPT (Admission 2014-15)
27/Aug/2014Post Graduate Diploma in Chemical Technology Management
09/May/2014Proforma - C (Authority Letter)
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